Disability Insurance Articles

Disability Insurance Articles

Disability Insurance

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SmartMoney - Disability Insurance How To Buy Disability Insurance
This article discusses how disability insurance is often overlooked when it comes to financial planning. Families take the time to purchase a life insurance policy, but often don't realize that the odds of a disability are much greater than the odds of death before age 65. According to this article the odds of becoming disabled are 3 to 5 times more likely than death.
New York Times Disability Insurance Odds The Odds Of Disability Insurance
A New York Times article from 2010 discussing the odds of needing an individual long term disability insurance policy.
Guardian Disability Insurance Brokerage

Disability Insurance Articles
This website offers over 90 well written articles on the subject of individual disability insurance.

Disability Insurance Application Instructions Application & Paramed Instructions
Article discusses how to successfully complete a disability insurance application as a client, and offers some tips on how to avoid some common mistakes people make when scheduling a paramedical examination. This is an excellent read for anybody about to apply for individual disability insurance.
CNN Money Magazine Logo CNN-Money Magazine - Disability Insurance
Ouch!...Don't forget disability insurance. Did you know that about 30% of Americans will suffer a long term disability of 90 days or more before they reach the age of 65? A well written article by Money Magazine detailing what to look for in a DI plan. This was one of the first major magazines to include me as a source for a personal disability insurance article.
disability insurance statistics Disability Insurance Statistics
What are the odds of having to use a disability insurance policy before the age of 65? What are some of the most common causes of claims paid by the insurance companies? This is an article that really spells out why people should purchase a personal disability insurance plan.
Group LTD vs Individual Disability Insurance Group LTD vs. Individual Disability Insurance
A well written article discussing the material differences between a group long term disability insurance plan and a personally owned policy. A chart illustrates some major feature comparisons in a side-by-side format for the average buyer to review.
Own-Occupation Disability Insurance Own-Occupation - Is It Really?
While most professionals do not debate that an own-occupation disability insurance contract is the most liberal definition of total disability on the market, today the consumer needs to be aware that not every company is using the same definition of "own-occupation".
The Big Diss 1099.com - The Big Diss
This article discusses how independent consultants can still obtain individual disability insurance, even if they are working from home. There is a brief history of disability insurance provided, and an explanation as to why premiums are rather high. The article also provides links to some major insurance carriers that offer disability insurance to consultants.
Disability Insurance Underwriting Article Disability Insurance Underwriting
Getting an individual long term disability insurance policy is not easy, this is not a contract you just sign up for. Keeping a realistic approach to the underwriting process will make obtaining a policy a much more pleasant process. Read this article if you want to know what to expect.
Disability Insurance for Diabetics Disability Insurance for Diabetics
Diabetes has reached a point in our society of epidemic proportions. More and more people are diagnosed with the disease every day, so it is important to understand how a diabetic can obtain disability insurance. This article written by a diabetic, tells the story from first hand experience.

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