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This web site was built with the idea that consumers needed to have a place to do their own research on disability insurance. When I entered the disability insurance sales business in 1997 I was shocked at how many people did not have a clue when it came to their own disability insurance policies. People would buy contracts that in my opinion were worthless, or were shopping for disability insurance contracts based on price. As I stated on the front page of this web site, if you shop for disability insurance based on price, you will most likely end up with an inferior contract, and find out you made a bad decision at the worst possible time. Disability insurance is about protecting your income, and your income is what allows you to function in this world in the way that you do. Please don't make the mistake of shopping for disability insurance on price comparisons. Read several policies, use this site, and understand what you are buying. No two contracts are the same, each and every one of them pays or doesn't pay based upon the legal definitions within the policy.

This web site gets a lot of visitors every day, and I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to respond to your email. I do not get involved in disability insurance claims advice as I am not an attorney, and I do not give tax advice as I am not a CPA. I will help you choose the best policy for yourself, or answer any generic questions. If you want to reach me for an interview regarding a disability insurance article you are writing, please indicate "Interview Request" in the subject field.

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